JavaScript Code Retreat #3

A Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. Developers can disconnect from constraints like time and feature pressure - just focus on the craft, programming. And train to become better. You don't have to ship anything. Just practice.
You will be guided through the day by a moderator/facilitator. At the beginning of the day all details will be explained.
If you have never done it before? Just come and have fun doing your craft. Read more ...

What's special?

JavaScript Only?

The JavaScript Code Retreat is a more focused code retreat. We try to focus even more on the craftsmanship, even more on one language in order to dive even deeper and find out more about how to become better.


Pair programming is at its core. Sitting in a room with many people so you can switch pairs makes it even more fun. 5 x 45 minutes and one quick retrospective after each allows everyone to share and learn from each other. Yes, one full day of programming just for fun. Throw away the code - keep the learnings!


Sept 6th 2014, Saturday
9:30 AM - 6 PM
days left

We will synchronize each timezone, so we can take advantage of the experiences across all the locations.


Worldwide, in the best case :).
See the locations on the left if a city near you is listed. If not - host one or maybe ping a local (JavaScript) user group to ask for hosting it.
Actually it was kicked off by Dublin (Ireland), Munich (Germany), Valencia (Spain) and Madrid (Spain). But we are happy to welcome anyone in the round and will be happy to share experiences around the globe.
If you want to join our list of cities then just follow the instructions there and you get your city listed on too.

What to bring?

Support? Help?

Just contact us via twitter, the shortest way probably. Or open an issue on github.